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Zebi Odinaeva

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Zebi Odinaeva, is one of the clients who have been working with OXUS Tajikistan for the last 6 years. Her first loan was for $1000, which she received in 2012 to start her business in the field of gardening (potato planting). Thanks to the local climate and consultation with agronomists, she was able to get the expected yield and her first experience with the loan was very positive. After seeing the positive results, she decided to continue the collaboration and expand her sources of income and to cultivate different crops, such as potatoes and wheat. She also chose to breed cattle and purchase cows. The results of her activities made her family's economic situation more stable. To improve the living conditions of the household, repair the house and buy different household appliances became he next level of her cooperation with "OXUS Tajikistan". Thus she received 3 another loans step by step. The last one was 4,000 somoni. Thanks to the comfortable conditions of "OXUS Tajikistan" loans, she realized her goals, which makes her a happy and successful woman.

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